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Download Joker Hindi Dubbed 720p ~

 Movie Info: 

  • Full Name: Joker
  • Language: Dual Audio (English {Original} + Hindi Dubbed {Voice Over} ) [Unofficial Fan Dubbed)
  • Subtitles: Yes (English)
  • Size: 1GB
  • Quality: 720p WeB-DL
  • Format: Mkv


Arthur Fleck, a failed comedian, is always alone in a crowd and seeks to make connections as he walks through Gotham City. Arthur has two masks. One is the clown mask he uses for his day job, while the other is the disguise he wears to pretend he’s part the world. Fleck is bullied, isolated, and disregarded by society as he begins a gradual descent into madness when he transforms into the criminal mastermind known simply as the Joker.

joker movie 2019 REVIEW

We’ve all seen the Joker in the Dark Knight. He was a terrifying, iconic figure who had his own fan club and would pop up in all sorts of horror movies thereafter. But this Joker movie became a sensation among diehard fans of the Batman franchise. With The Dark Knight Rises also due to come to the screen, many fans have been anticipating a joker movie as much as the next Batman flick.

So here’s a quick joker movie 2019 review based on an in-depth conversation I had with a British gentleman about the dark knight and the Joker. This is the one I saw when I was in London a few years ago. I’m not going to lie to you – I was so into it I couldn’t get through it! This story is fascinating and emotional. And the look of the Joker did remind me of the Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

It’s very funny in a number of ways. It’s not just a superhero movie where the hero is the super-sleuth and the villain is the insane madman. Rather the Joker is the comic book doer of all the fun, while Batman is the one who’s always there to stop the bad guy from carrying out his nefarious plans. But the difference is that the Joker doesn’t just have super-powers… he’s got lots more than just those.

He has a personal army of henchmen that include the mute butler, the trigger-happy assassin and the homeless man who give the joker hints. There’re the , the Renfield and the homeless bully. The joker even has his own utility-person. In one scene the joker has the muscular physique of a strongmen who carries a big bag of money. It all adds up to make the joker an interesting nemesis for Batman.

Harvey and Ivy are the latest couple to fall under the Joker’s control. They’re brainwashed followers and serve as his accomplices, wherever he goes. One of them, Harley, is his right-hand woman. During one scene the two of them are dancing together when Harley asks him if he knows how she looks like. He replies with a scowl, “Not much, honey”.

The latest addition to the Joker’s stable of sidekicks is Two-Face. As the owner of a small photo processing company, Two Face has a compulsion to make Batman fall in love with her. He also has a huge criminal past, which includes being a member of the mob. This character has an array of different masks and wears different clothing, so we see his various schemes and attempts at revenge.

Two-Face is played by Christian Bale. He’s quite good in the role, given his intimidating appearance. Two-Face usually wears all black, but he also wears grey in some scenes. His hair is thinning and he has yellow eyes. His face is scarred and his nose is crooked.

Having said all that, both the Joker and Two Face are brought into the limelight as the primary bad guys. The Joker is shown to be the mastermind behind the whole operation. He shows up at a marriage proposal for Poison Ivy, which he does in the guise of the ghost of his dead brother, Jacob. The other baddie is Harvey, who is basically the heart of the whole operation. He is the clown prince of Gotham, known for his mean and ruthless nature, always planning to get what he wants.

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