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Kota Factory  | TV Series (2019)
2700min | Comedy, Drama | TV Series ( 2019)
Summary: Dedicated to Shrimati SL Loney ji, Shri Irodov ji and Maanniya HC Verma ji, ‘Kota Factory’ is TVF’s latest original. India’s first ‘Black and White’ show highlights the problems present day IIT-JEE aspirants face in their day-to-day lives.

Countries: India Languages: Hindi

Download Kota Factory ( 2019) S01 Hindi Complete WEB Series 

Series Details :

  • Full Name: Kota Factory
  • Language: Hindi
  • Released Year: 2019
  • Quality: 480p | 720p
  • Source: HDRip
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Cast : Mayur More, Ranjan Raj, Revathi Pillai, Alam Khan
  • Format: MKV


At some point in Kota Factory, an instructor sits down with a student and tells his about Kota and the town. “Students leave Kota in two years, but the place does not leave them for years,” Jeetu Bhaiya (a fantastic Jeetendra Kumar) who is the star teacher is told by an empathetic Vaibhav Pandey (Mayur More).

The words could be interpreted as an old-fashioned motivational speech that focuses on the beauty of the city and its unending ability to keep students for long periods however, the powerful monologue demonstrates how utterly terrifying Kota is. The person leaves all of the things that matter to go to Kota and the location isolates and isolating. “The place cuts you from the rest, and everything else ceases to matter,” the teacher says while praising how the location contributes to creating the students into the person they are.

The series was created by Saurabh Khanna the series, which runs for five episodes, begins with a bird’s-eye perspective of the town. The image then shifts to the sepia hue, which suggests that perhaps there is no soul in the city and its inhabitants. Kota has over time has earned the cult image of producing IIT-ians at a staggering rate. With the faces of the toppers affixed on billboards that tower over the city, and threatening to spread across the sky, the school engages in a fervent joyous celebration for the toppers. It is made for top performers and creates almost no room for those who were unable to achieve it. The inherent discriminatory nature of the city can also serve as an ideal basis for articulating the pain that those pressured to make it. The losers that are in reality the misfits.

Art, like life, is compassionate to the losers. In refusing to label them incompetent, films and literature often romanticize their flaws and make them appear as idealistic, and grant them the status of misfits or the underdogs. Their struggles, fall and rebellion create an enthralling story than the success of that was expected of those who achieve. What is what makes Kota Factory an exciting, engaging, and vital contribution to the long list of films that depict these “losers” is the fact that it fails to reveal their story. They are not there since the series focuses its eyes on the people who sit between the top tier and the rebels, a group of seemingly ordinary people who live lives so normal that they tell the story of their lives irrelevant. Their goal isn’t to alter or supplant the story, but rather to remain within it.

Vaibhav and his fellow learners of The Prodigy Institute, wrestle with the course, not the system. The factory-like aspect of the city doesn’t cause them to feel dejected, as much as the idea that they will be part of the crowd of faceless contestants appear unsettling. With the progress of the show, their discontent is evident however, it has nothing in common with the city and more to do with the people who live there. The struggle they face to maintain the pace of the course, or eat the bland meals at the canteen are seen as their own failure and not a lack of institutional capacity. Distracted by internal conflicts and not idealistic conflicts They do not think that the system will change for them but instead hope to modify themselves to be able to work with the structure. If they are dissatisfied with the structure of power they seek to alter it, without having any desire to change or break it.

Vaibhav, Meena and Uday The conformists in the series, who have different levels of conformity with the government, have different personal goals and yet are unifying in their everyday routine. In one scene in the show, Vaibhav is in Meena’s bedroom in a state of exhaustion and frustration from working on papers for a long time. In an attempt to keep him awake, Meena offers him a book with books to go through. After a few minutes, Vaibhav is seen snoring as he holds the book. The short scene but it is interesting because it shows Vaibhav’s increasing irascibility as tiredness but not discontent. He’s not an unrequited romantic who is unhappy with his life, but is a tired IIT aspirant who is deficient in sleep.

The genius that lies in Kota Factory lies in its ability to work with a variety of narrative strands and seamlessly blend them. Through the lens of the perspective of students who are at a risk of being tangled between underachievers and overachievers The series paints an impressive view of the dynamics of the location, as well as the city’s tendency to market students and then discard them as damaged products. However the interactions of students through the lens of rivalry and friendship exposes the ways in which the city thrives and has even developed a business aroundthat of pitting one person against another is also an unlikely place to meet students from different backgrounds as well as in some ways an equalizer. In one of the most memorable scenes in the show, Meena is looking at Vaibhav’s cake and rambles about her birthday wish. When told it’s no birthday celebration, Meena is unable to stop herself, ” Tum ameer log kisi bhi din cake kha lete ho kya?” (Do the wealthy people enjoy cake every day? ).

The entire five-episode show benefits lots of inspiration from the amazing performances, particularly the performances of Ranjan Raj’s Meena as well as Mayur More in the role of Vaibhav. In various ways, it offers an emotional portrayal of a character who is going through his passage. It also offers an overview of people who’s lives are too mundane to be told about. It and reveals the numerous friendships formed in these seemingly hostile groups and also reveals how, when friendships break up and a promise to meet in the near future is made. The location is not spoken of. The people of Kota wish to land at places they know.



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