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Download Mission: Impossible 3 (2006) Hindi 720p ~

Movie Info: 

  • Full Name: Mission: Impossible III
  • Language: Dual Audio (Hindi-English) [720p File is Multi Audio]
  • Release Year: 2006
  • Size: 400MB & 970MB & 2.5GB
  • Quality: 480p & 720p  & 1080p Bluray
  • Format: Mkv


Owen Davian, a man whose real name is Owen, kills an IMF agent who was undercover by Ethan Hunt. Hunt has since retired from combat missions. Hunt is now married to Julia, and believes he works in traffic, but he actually trains young IMF agents for combat. His last mission is his assignment.

If he accepts it, his mission is to capture Davian who is selling a poisonous weapon known as the rabbit’s feet. Davian is cruel, reckless, and he’s also a murderer. Hunt is promised by Davian that he will find Julia and hurt her. Ethan will not be able to help her. It’s no different from others; it’s dangerous, smart and impossible. But now, it’s personal.

Ethan Hunt is, in some ways, the most inquisitive actor in action movie history. In “Mission: Impossible” (1996), he risked his life to (I quote from my original review) “prevent the theft of a computer file containing the code names and real identities of all of America’s double agents.” Ethan (Tom Cruise), however, must stop this theft from happening. He must first “photograph” the enemy in order to steal the information and then follow him until the other side. It also includes crucial uses of latex masks as well as helicopters. One helicopter flies through Chunnel to fly from England to France. This is difficult considering that helicopter blades are larger than the Chunnel.

In “Mission: Impossible II” (2000), Ethan has to stop a villain who possesses a deadly virus: Twenty-four hours after exposure, you die. Thandie Newton, the heroine, does survive to the end. She is available for the sequel. However, by Mission: Impossible III, Ethan Hunt is married to Julia Monaghan, a sweet nurse who believes he is a highway traffic controller engineer.

Ethan is again involved in the helicopter incident. He even used a latex mask to fool others and doesn’t feel so bad. The helicopters come across giant windmills that generate energy in deserts near Berlin, which uncannily resemble deserts close to Palm Springs. You’d agree that it’s quite neat to see one propeller cut off the other. As I gazed at the strange landscape outside Berlin, it occurred to me that Citizen Kane constructed his Xanadu on the Florida desert coasts.

Ethan Hunt’s assignment in “M:I III” is to battle the villain Owen Davian (Philip Seymour Hoffman) for control of the Rabbit’s Foot. In Ethan’s final words in the movie, after countless people have been blown up, shot, crushed and otherwise inconvenienced, he asks his boss Brassel (Laurence Fishburne), “What is the Rabbit’s Foot?” Ethan should have realized by now that it is a MacGuffin just like the virus or the computer file.

Ethan puts his life, and those of his loved ones at risk to achieve goals he doesn’t understand. The real purpose of the “M.I.” movies is to create action scenes that are both thrilling and entertaining. Explanatory dialogue will only slow down the action scenes and make it irrelevant. This worked well in “M:I,” directed Brian de Palma, “M:I II”, directed John Woo. I think it also works in “M:I III,” which is directed J.J. Abrams. If you are looking for endless, high-tech action, this formula will work. This formula speeds up deadlines. We have an explosive capsule which detonates five minutes after it has been attached to your nose, instead of a virus that can last 24 hours.

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