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Download PM Narendra Modi (2019) 1080p, 720p & 480p 

Movie Info:

  • Full Name: PM Narendra Modi (2019)
  • Language: Hindi
  • Release Year: 2019
  • Quality:  480p, 720p, & 1080p
  • Format: Mkv


PM Narendra Modi movie review: An unabashed hagiography

As a bio-pic, Narendra Modi inhabits muddled, post-truth terrain. In a hagiography however and genuflecting before the altar of Modi it’s flawless. It’s unquestioning, unquestioning, full of rhetoric. There’s nothing unintentional about it.


Download PM Narendra Modi 2019 Hindi HDRip Full Movie
Download PM Narendra Modi 2019 Hindi HDRip Full Movie

PM Narendra Modi movie cast: Vivek Oberoi, Manoj Joshi, Prashant Narayanan, Anjan Srivastav, Darshan Kumar, Zarina Wahab, Rajendra Gupta, Boman Irani
PM Narendra Modi movie director: Omung Kumar
PM Narendra Modi movie rating: Two stars

Sometimes , the release of a film at the theater is a signpost. This pm Narendra Modi biopic, called”PM Narendra Modi’, comes out on the day that it is the day that the BJP commemorates the historic fact that it has been given the mandate to govern India for the second time in a row.

The Vivek Oberoi film was not permitted to be released prior to the elections, but regardless the reason, it’s out now and surely, people will gather to it, filled with happiness and excitement, singing and chanting along with the film Modi, Modiiiiii, Modi, Modiiiiii.

There’s no other choice and so the film makes sure that it’s, in every single moment, fully in the awe of its subject male and female and follows Narendra Damadordas Modi’s incredible journey from a ‘chai-wala’s’ (Gupta) son as being a ‘pracharak’ within the RSS and his rise and fall in Gujarat and later at the national level and finally, his swearing in 2014.

People who have swallowed the myth-making saga will see the film to confirm of their belief. Who cares about those who aren’t convinced who are able to lift their jaws as the film flits from one shocking whitewash to the next: that when he was a young man Modi was a part of an unplanned marriage and headed to the Himalayas for tapasya, that post-Godhra protests couldn’t be controlled since the neighbouring states’ didn’t help in any way; that Modi was a secular supporter of the relief efforts for earthquakes and so on and.

Once you have reached a certain point, you cease counting. This film is not an ordinary bio-pic. It is an entire, unabashed without apology imitation. What else is there to say?

The film is very cautious (which is snatched up in the beginning credits) concerning taking creative liberty extremely seriously. People who have experienced the times when “Jai” Modi had to grow up and establishing a place for his self in the political arena through the aid of his ‘Veeru’ Amit Shah (Joshi the ‘Jai-Veeru relationship is given an exclusive feature in the film, I’m not kidding) could be wondering what if there’s an alternative world that he is a part of.

As per the tone and tone, the film is utterly reverent towards its subject, presenting him as a noble, selfless and wise beyond age, even though he is only young and his love for his personal “ba” (Wahab) does not seem to be greater than his love in his love for Bharat Mata. The Opposition is depicted as vulnerable and inhumane ( Manmohan Singh does not speak for a single moment, he just keeps’maun’); a corrupt businessman (Narayanan) is revealed to be in a pact with an uninvolved journalist (Kumar) in their plot to bring about Modi’s downfall. Sonia as well as Rahul Gandhi and their comrades appear to be unproductive hand-wringers.

Even his own party members with the exception of Vajpayee and Vajpayee, are in a state of confusion when he cuts an imperceptible stretch of his body towards the top position. Boman Irani as the famous Parsi industrialist who introduced Tata Motors to Gujarat, after having left Bengal as a result, is much more well-known than the former PM who played such a major influence in Modi getting to where he is today.

In the film, as Modi, Oberoi is told at the beginning of the film”aapko abhineta, neta hona, chahiya tha’. He is then able to read from a sloppy, weak script. There’s not a single frame without the main character dominating the screen that essentially is a reflection of what’s been happening in real life over the last five years. Here’s where the reel and the real meet. Of course there’s no small note in the two hours and some duration all of it is underlined with phrases like ‘Violence does not have a religion and religion is not a source of violence’; ‘chai bhu unki tarah deresh in’, ‘baap buss aap ka kam”, and this that is the most powerful”Modi is ek soch hai ; aap to sab my hi Modi’.

The film does not offer debateable issues and no what-ifs, there are and no grey areas. The film doesn’t even mention ‘hindutva”, just the word ‘Hinduism’, which is in the words of the man who points it out, a’soch’. It’s a crude, hilariously poor bio-pic, it’s the post-truth, muddled territory. For a hagiography, however and genuflecting before his altar, it’s flawless. It’s uncritical, unequivocal as well as low on facts and full of rhetoric. There’s nothing unintentional about it.


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