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  • Full Name: The Shallows (2016)
  • Language: Dual Audio (Hindi-English)
  • Quality: 480p & 720p- BluRay
  • Format: Mkv

Just 200 yards from the shore Surfer Nancy is assaulted by a huge white shark, her quick escape becoming the ultimate test of wills.In the tense action thriller The Shallows, when Nancy (Blake Lively) is surfing at an uninhabited beach when she is found in the vicinity of a shark that is a great white. Even though she’s stranded just 200 meters from shore, her survival is an ultimate test for character that requires all of Nancy’s wit as well as grit and determination.

“The Shallows” will be an almost 87 minute thriller that takes place in a lake where an injured surfer battles the shark. There’s little plot aside from that. And the little it does add to the story doesn’t really make it more interesting. The situations it depicts are simple and, often, frightening. The reality that they take place in a small, confined area–a shorelined stretch that appears to be an kilometer long–increases the suspense. The best part is that the film written by screenwriter Anthony Jaswinski and director Jaume Collet-Serra (“Non-Stop,” “Run All Night”) is the closest to an action film that the mainstream cinema has seen in the years since “Mad Max: Fury Road.” It frequently employs its star, Blake Lively, the way “Fury Road” director George Miller employed his actors to create a dynamic sculptural object, which happens to for thought, touch and then die.

The publicity that preceded it sold “The Shallows” as a horror movie or perhaps an updated version of “Jaws,” but it’s actually a survival thriller that pits woman versus nature, and nature being represented the majority, but not always by a shark that’s the size of the size of a Winnebago. It’s not exaggerating too much the size of this beast: it’s nearly as large as the massive white shark that slayed an Orca in the original “Jaws,” and it’s far faster, taking off in high-intensity like a sea porpoise, and shifting to catch prey in difficult-to-reach areas.

Her character, played by Lively who is the medical school dropout who goes by the name of Nancy is a victim of sharks when she visits the beach in Mexico that was an obsession of her mother who recently passed away from cancer. The backstory is told through iPhone pictures and explicit dialogue, and it’s essential to our understanding of Nancy’s dilemma like Dennis Weaver’s internal monologues from Steven Spielberg’s breakthrough pre-“Jaws” TV film “Duel.” I.e. this isn’t. It’s a slim, brutal film about endurance and problem-solving. It is built around issues that are explained through the filmmaking process so clearly–much of it in a non-verbal manner driven by images sounds, and Marco Beltrami’s thrilling score. When Nancy whispers “forty meters” or “I’ve got you figured out” or something similar, it’s as if the movie has lost its confidence in its ability to inspire and astonish us.

Lively is awe-inspiring in this film, delivering one of those thrilling, action-driven performances that are more of an athletic endeavor as it is an aesthetic one. There are some other characters in the background, many of them are shark bait however, in the end, “The Shallows” is an all-woman production that places Lively on a rocky, jagged platform and praises her. Her bikini is so sparklingly orange, it seems to reflect moonlight in the nighttime scenes. Not since the days that was Kevin Costner in the ’90s has the back of a celeb’s body been so meticulously examined. Lively is known to do quite a bit of herself surfing (with double-filling in for the most hazardous parts). She climbs and runs screaming, crying at the top of her lungs, curses, dives into the murky depths, and is a swimmer in the chop. As Tom Hanks did In “Cast Away,” she has an un-human “buddy” to talk to and she calls it a seagull. calls Steven (get that?). The film is corny, and a majority of the film is corny, sometimes knowingly and knowingly, but damn if you don’t feel awed by the bird, and wondering if it will not last until the final credits.

After a few months, you begin to know the physical state of Nancy sufficiently that you can complete the hospital admission forms and you’re so familiar of the shoreline that it is possible to draw a map highlighting the major attractions such as the shoreline, a buoy two outcrops of rocks and a whale carcass that is rotting floating away. The shark isn’t the only danger: the ocean is brimming with creatures and plants that do not have a say on whether the star will live or will quickly take her away. The filmmaker makes sure we’re in close proximity to Nancy whenever it is possible, sometimes we’re directly in her face. It draws inspiration from Spielberg and shows the shark’s body in pieces such as Dorsal fin here flash-cuts to sharp teeth there, and a shadow that is gliding across the screen and her moving legs.

“The Shallows” suffers from the inability to appreciate how little it really needs to convey its message. It could have been extremely effective, instead of an enthralling and harrowing movie without the exposition and inspiring backstory. It’s like a feminist answer for the Robert Redford survival picture “All is Lost,” which focused on the boating accident of an old man as if it was the storyline of “The Odyssey.” There’s a scene close to the end that could have been a perfect finale shot–you’ll be aware of it as soon as you watch it. However, the movie keeps going in a way that is detrimental to. There are moments when the editing and special effects aren’t as crisp as the performance of Lively deserves. It’s an enthralling, brutal film that pits a ferocious marine creature against a female who is as strong as coral. It is exhausting.

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